Software Engineering

We create robust software quickly and use open source technologies. Delivered software is extensively tested and well-documented. Sources are open for customers. Systematical approach is a clear imperative for us.

Java JEE Spring Middleware ERP Modules
E-Billing Payment Solutions Blockchain
Groovy Grails HCI
PaaS SaaS Docker


We are experienced and certified in different types of IT consulting. Our professionals are highly educated and have expert knowledge in enterprise it-architectures.

Engines BPMN Operations Strategy
PM GPM certified ITIL V3 Foundation certified BPM Soreco certified SAP Custom. SAP certified Bank. Secrecy UBS certified

Research & Development

Our challenge is to continually improve the existing concepts and to search for new ways and opportunities.

Case Studies Integration Prototypes
Proof of Concept Engine Tuning Prototypes
Enterprise PaaS JVM in Cloud Private PaaS


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Engineering Division
OberrĂ¼telistrasse 13
CH-8753 Mollis

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